In Lock We Down; A Game Of Hats & Other Stories

Jon Chandler on A Game Of Hats:

A comic made at the start of those lockdown times in Rennes with Makiko Furuichi. It wasn’t the comic I planned to write for us, but this is what came out of that time instead. We were supposed to be working on a commission for an prestigious anthology and what we turned in proved to be too personal and offbeat for a wider audience. But there’s something still vital about this pandemic comic, produced in those claustrophobic and menacing days, so here we’ll give it some daylight.
This comic dedicated to all those who have been wrenched apart physically by the damnable virus.


More collaborative works by Jon and Makiko:

Those Who Wait & First And Last Men. Ten year anniversary flipbook edition of two comicbook stories, written by Jon Chandler, now redrawn and painted by Makiko Furuichi.


Those Who Wait. It’s the early eighties. Mid-ranking Yakuza Ken returns to the main family in Tokyo after some years overseeing out-of-town assets, straight into getting mixed up with a girl called Mai, who turns out to be exactly the wrong girl to get mixed up with.


First and Last Animal. Four individuals sent into space to counter an alien threat to hominid life on Earth. With the mission derailed by technical failures, the only way to complete their task will deplete the on-board oxygen, and that means only two crew members will make it back to Earth. As heroes, or as villains?

88 page flip-book.
Send £16 via PayPal to
(price includes postage to anywhere)

A Dream of Them. Written by Jon Chandler and painted by Makiko Furuichi.


This book was designed to be bought and read by visitors to L’HÔTEL AMIRAL in Nantes.


Within this hotel can be found a room, room 435, the DREAM JUNGLE,
designed by Makiko Furuichi as part of the CHAMBRE D’ARTISTE project for the VOYAGE À NANTES festival.


Book Room 435. Buy our book at reception. Take it to bed. Read our book. Slumber. Wake and record your own dreams in the notebook provided.

04.19 Chambre Makiko Furvichi 008.jpg

*see the Makiko Furuichi SHOP for availability

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