A Dream Of Them

A Dream of Them. Written by Jon Chandler and painted by Makiko Furuichi.


This book was designed to be bought and read by visitors to L’HÔTEL AMIRAL in Nantes.


Within this hotel can be found a room, room 435, the DREAM JUNGLE,
designed by Makiko Furuichi as part of the CHAMBRE D’ARTISTE project for the VOYAGE À NANTES festival.


Book Room 435. Buy our book at reception. Take it to bed. Read our book. Slumber. Wake and record your own dreams in the notebook provided.

04.19 Chambre Makiko Furvichi 008.jpg

The complete works by Jon and Makiko:

5 – A comic for Torrent (Lagon #5)
4 – Those Who Wait & First And Last Animal
3 – A Dream Of Them
2 – Abbatoir
1 – Tank ‘N’ Shine

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