Wet Shape In The Dark & John’s Worth 4


Breakdown Press’s Autumn lineup is now on sale to order-

including Jon Chandler’s comedy comics collection,
Wet Shape In The Dark,
and episode four of his ongoing psycho-sexual bio-horror noir, John’s Worth.

Available to order HERE & HERE.


Wet Shape In The Dark includes the cult classic and previously banned P.O.V comic, You Are Crumbling My Jonathans, which was first available from Famicon Express, alongside 11 new stories drawn in the past year or so, appearing in various anthologies or appearing here in print for the first time. The strip The π Master can be seen in an extended format online as part of Mould Map 7 HERE.


The Hitcher and The Racer can be seen at Hotel Magazine Online (HERE & HERE).


John’s Worth 4 is another steamy episode ramping up the tension ready for next year’s explosive conclusion to the series.


Head on to the Breakdown Press website to order this and all three previous episodes,
One, Two, Three, & Four.

If you don’t yet have Another Blue World, there was a recent unearthing of hidden copies.  This rare edition thought out of print is back on sale HERE.
(The stories that make up that book, from 2by2 and Primitive Man, are also available as part of the Jon Chandler drawings and comics archive Be Careful What You Read).
And see Jon’s illustrations for utopian bio-mare A Crèche of Soggy Fleche,
a short story penned by Trench Torsoover HERE.

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