John’s Worth

The psycho-sexual bio-horror noir written and drawn by Jon Chandler.

John hits civvy life after a long tour in a uniform, fighting techorists on a foreign soil no-one back home has much heard of nor cares about.

The world he comes back to is one twisted beyond his recognition of anything he left behind when he signed up;
a destitute country, filthy with crime, pawn shops, gambling, prostitution, loan sharks.

Into this pitiable and corrupt land a new narcotic has burgeoned;
sPeX units. Special Personal Eyes eXperience.
An escapism that will feed upon the very fabric of your mind.  And John makes for soft quarry.

‘A parasitic-AR scorched-earth sex-nightmare‘
         Hugh Frost

‘I don’t think I want to live in the worlds where Chandler’s stories take place,
but as a spectator I never want them to end’
          Benjamin Marra

‘A punch straight in the guts’
          Jim Hemminfield

A graphic novel collecting parts 1-4 and the concluding parts 5-6 is available from Breakdown Press HERE.

And also from Breakdown Press, see Jon’s comedy comics collection Wet Shape In The Dark, and his drawings for utopian bio-mare A Crèche of Soggy Fleche, a short story penned by Trench Torsoover HERE.

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