Another Blue Tarot

A Tarot set depicting players from the Another Blue World mythos.


These cards were originally drawn in 2015 to give with copies of Another Blue World from Breakdown Press at the book launch.



Now printed as a full set and accompanied by a guide book, which doubles both as a Tarot reading tool and also as a study of the characters depicted in the Another Blue World stories:

Woman, Man, Advanced Man, Replica Man, Primitive Man, Primordial Man, & Para Man


Each set comes in a pouch handmade by Jon’s sister.


Tarot set – 78 cards, guide book, pouch.
please visit the ABOUT page for cost and availability

*You don’t need to have read the graphic novel Another Blue World to understand this Tarot guide book and to use this Tarot set.
**To see some of the featured characters in an instagram comic, please see
Another Rude World 
***The stories that appeared in Another Blue World are also reprinted in the archive books
Be Careful What You Read.
****See the ABOUT section for a Bone House Books price list in brief.

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