Be Careful What You Read

Be Careful What You Read
the Jon Chandler comics and drawings archive.

Two volumes, 632 pages presented in a rough chronology.

Includes work drawn between 2006 and 2016 first published in Boobytrap, Cube Commanders, Super-Structure, Decadence, L’Episode, 2BY2, Primitive Man, DNA Failure, Weird Magazine,  5 Against The Spike, Floating Fantasy, Mould Map, John’s War, & I Can Do Anything I Want You To.
Plus unpublished strips and drawings and extra pages.

Sample of content: Bone House Blog

Price List (Includes World Shipping Costs)
Two Volume Set = £44
Battle For The Planets (2006 doujinshi graphic novel) +£6
Ulysses (2007 doujinshi graphic novel) +£5

*Not available in shops.
**For brave souls only.
***See the ABOUT section for a Bone House Books price list in brief.



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